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Shadow Fall - Shadow, #2

Erin Kellison's Shadow Fall is a fantastic retelling of the battle of light versus dark, good versus evil. You can't help but love Custo from the moment he appears on the page. Self sacrificing and devoted in the face of death, he's a dream...


Ink In the Blood - Prequel to Bond Betrayed

Isabella Rathe is an Asura who is out to settle a score with her drug dealing half-brother, Alex. Jacob Phinney is a DEA agent assigned to bring in Alex and his drug dealing cronies. Ms. Ryan’s world is interesting and pulls the reade...



Blayne Edwards' Hexed was a fun-filled read. The sex scenes were hot and the characters, alive and ghostly, were a riot. Watching Nikki's relations ship with G, and the other spirits in her house was wonderful. Definitely a pleasurable way...


Desire to Die For

Jessica Lee's Desire to Die For was a pleasure to read from start to finish. I was pleasantly surprised to recall this story from a workshop taken with Ms. Lee earlier this year. The scene where Emily drops her tea drew me in then, and agai...


Like Bunnies - Standalone sequel to Yuletide Enchantment.

Cindy Spencer Pape's Like Bunnies is fast paced and fun from the start. The sex scenes between Star and Theo are hot, heavy and leave the reader twitchy, in a good way. Star and Theo can't resist each other. Despite a disastrous breakup the...

5 Stars

The Omega

Chris is the alpha wolf to Leslie's omega, the lowest ranking wolf in the pack. When Leslie's father kidnaps her son and threatens to hand him over to the local vampire kiss, she turns to Chris for help. He's hesitant to help her, and with...

4 Stars

Broken Shine

Klutzy Felicia “Leeza” Hunter is the proverbial bull in a china shop that glass blower Sir Liam can’t resist. Despite his vow of chastity as a Templar Knight and the promise of death should he give in to those desires, Lia...