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Something Witchy This Way Comes

Something Witchy This Way Comes is a fast paced thrilling story that will catch paranormal fans attentions. With the perfect blend of romance and action as well as mystery you will want to pick this book up. Get your witches and warlocks no...

4 Stars

Unforeseen - Alex Crocker, #1

Alex is thrown into a world of vampires and seers all of which she didn't know existed until she was attacked in a dark alley way by rogue vampires. Being saved by the Rectinatti vampires Alex soon learns she herself is coming upon her tran...

4 Stars

Twice As Irresistible - Tales from the Vampire Scribe, 2

As Savannah Blake tries to jump start her journalism career she goes to The Crypt trying to get the scoop on the rumors of vampires. Driving herself full force she comes across Bobby DuBois who has recently relocated to New Orleans and take...


The Burning Seal - The Element Series, #1

Detective Danni Keegan is thrown into a world of demons and psychic powers, she can't begin to imagine the dark world that awaits her. Given special powers it is her that holds the key to opening the gates of hell or protecting the life and...

4 Stars

Foreplay - A Succubus Diaries Prequel

Jacqueline has been turned down for a management position at her rather dull and tedious job. Looking to drown her sorrows away she hits a local bar where she has one too many martinis leading her down a dark alley way where her fate is cha...


Blood Lust Rising - The Vampire Queen Trilogy, #1

Ella Grey is a Shadow Hunter, also half Vampire, who has spent most of her life hunting and killing demons. Her life is turned upside down when she and her partner Micah McGregor come across what they believe is a Succubus Demon. Ella and M...


Fiery Icicle

Madeline is hoping for more than just lust from her half fae boyfriend Zach. She wants his love and his trust. Zach has a secretive job and must leave and go undercover. He hopes to infiltrate the demon underground world. He promises to sha...


Star Fallen Lover

Dr. Darli Grenlane encounters Cortez an intriguing stranger just shortly after witnessing a silver streak fall through the sky crashing in the nearby ocean. The first time they meet he says nothing but Darli discovers she is unable to get t...