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Deena Mack is the design expert of her wedding cake bakery, Sweet Engagements. The first cake mentioned is red velvet and because I absolutely love this fantastic cake, my eyes started to devour this story very quickly. She’s celebrat...


An Extra Pair of Eyes

Non-Fiction is not usually a genre I look towards when I search for books to read but when I saw the title of this book, it drew me in and didn’t let go. I've always found the people who volunteer in our community to be in their own c...

4 Stars

Angelic Rapture

Angelic Rapture is the tenth book in the Archangels Series by Stephani Hecht. This story draws the reader in quickly and ensures that it's one that can't be put down but must be devoured in one sitting. These angels are tough and stron...


The Wife School

The light humor and colorful characters started to draw me into their lives very quickly. Benjamin Ferrier’s life is shattered when a corporate shark ruins his father’s life long business and his inheritance. He becomes Ben Dove...