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A Soldier's Story

Jay a solider in Afghanistan is preparing to come home to his wife and family when he finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place when he falls in love with another solider, and a guy at that. This starts a downward spiral of Jay's...

3 Stars


In Absolution PL Parker in my opinion, did an excellent job in balancing the dark world of vampires along with the humorous side of vampires, if there is such of a thing. Many times we see vampires as inhuman (which they are) and unfeeling....



Nikki O' Connell is a journalist in New York and is in a relationship with psychologist Dr. Jonathan Greene. It seems like Jonathan is always working and that is taking him away from her. Nikki has always had trouble coming to terms with yo...

5 Stars

Keep Your Friends Close

Keep Your Friends Close, is a short story that tends to lend itself to the Sci-Fi / fantasy genre. It's a tale about Prince Vayel. A month before his wedding he has a lovers spat and goes to see his old teacher Cala Greyson. His betrothed t...


Quiet Anchorage

Sisters Isabel and Alma Trumbo spend their days reading magazines and doing crossword puzzles. Their most favorite thing to do is read mystery novels in the little town of Anchorage. Living in Anchorage all their lives they have gotten thei...


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Mikeal Blomkvist is a published journalist, Co-owner of the magazine” Millennium” that is based in Stockholm Sweden who has been tried and convicted of a crime. When he is contacted by Dirch Frode who is a lawyer for Henrik Vang...

5 Stars