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The Genesis One Code

The Genesis One Code tackles the truth of the beginning. Where did it all begin? The centuries old rivalry between science and religion has left both sides attempting to boast the knowledge of the creation of earth and life, and prove one t...

4 Stars


Rhett the Wonder Dog debuts in this chimerical satire about human greed and corruption. Rhett the “doxie” was born a runt to a litter of Dachshund brothers and sisters who towered over him. His shy and reserved temperament results in many p...


The Curse of Gremdon - The Gremdon Chronicles

Magic. Lust. Love. Sacrifice. Intensely gripping from the opening scene, this riveting tale of destiny and desire will have the reader hungering for more, page after page, all the way through the ending. In another world, a vastly oppressed...



Death before dishonor! A short tale that is very intriguing in its simplicity and satirically humorous in places. This is the story of Rian and Saz, his wolf friend, as they attempt to confront the baddest magician around. Statues come to l...


The Clan of the Cave Bear - Earth's Children, #1

The gripping saga of a 5 year old orphan Cro-Magnon girl begins when little Ayla's world comes crashing down with the loss of her family during a violent earthquake. Lost, desperate, and dying of thirst and hunger, Ayla is rescued by a clan...

4 Stars