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Mail Order Love - Oregon Mail Order Brides, #1

Elle has lost her family to Typhoid and her sister in law is forcing her to marry a man she does not want. She has to get away. Jared has lost his parents and in doing so has been burying himself in work on the ranch. The characters in this...

4 Stars
  • Author: Amy Blakelear
  • Review by: Babs
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical, * Romance: Sweet, Debut Title, Western, * Romance: Inspirational
  • Publisher: Edo Press

The Rancher Takes a Cook

When the Civil War ends, Anna Stewart and her younger brother have to start a new life. Everything they know is burned or gone. They decide to go to Texas to live with their aunt and uncle. They hope to make a new home for themselves and a...

5 Stars

Cross My Heart - The Heart Falls Heroes Book 1

Pete an ex-Marine comes home with all kinds of demons. The last thing he wants in his life is his best friends little sister getting all into his business. Cara is excited to see her ex crush come back but not the feelings she once had. Fun...


Finally Forever - Massey, TX, #2

Joshua Carver and Alison Hollister have been neighbors, and in one another’s lives for years. They have also been in love with each other for just as long, but never admitted it. As a model, Alison has traveled to far off locations, met new...

3 Stars

Rodeo Dreams - Rodeo Dreamers #1

Ride straight to the top of the rodeo circuit—that's June Spotted Elk's dream. Yes, bull-riding is a man's world, but she won't let anyone—not even a sexy, scarred stranger—get in her way. Seasoned bull rider Travis Younkin knows what it's...


Diamond Heart - Western Escape

This is a book worth reading more than once. We start out with Rowan trying to get into her hotel room after she is robbed. A nice young man Marcel comes out of nowhere and tries to help Rowan. She doesn’t know what to think of the stranger...


Collision - Buckin' Bull Riders, Book Two

I was really surprised how well the book turned out. Leah is known as the ice queen and you can understand why. During her last performance she hurt her ankle. She is trying to make a comeback and is using the tour with Brady, The King of R...