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Claiming Lady Marianne

Abused both physically and mentally, Lady Marianne sought solace in the arms of another woman – but she didn’t expect to be caught in the throes of passion. After the discovery of her indiscretion she is promptly shipped off to...


Heart of Vengeance - Jewels of Tomorrow

To Isobel, the courtiers in King Richard’s court are nothing more than selfish simpletons. Her path was a righteous one dedicated to bringing justice and peace to a land she barely knew. To the other courtiers, Isobel is nothing more than a...

5 Stars

Diana by the Moon - Jewels of Tomorrow

Abused and alone, Diana Aurelius has made herself head of her family's household. Fighting for survival in wake of a brutal attack by enemies, Diana has somehow managed to provide for a full household of women and children. Her efforts have...


The Dark Earl

Entertaining, funny and catchy, The Dark Earl makes for one well-spent evening. Henley's ability to develop interesting characters possessing undeniable spunk despite the constrictions of the Victorian Period is particularly fascinating. In...


At the King's Pleasure - Secrets of the Tudor Court, #4

After being widowed, Lady Anne Stafford returns to her family's home. She anticipates returning to court, enjoying the frivolity and excess allowed previously denied to her as a maid but now permitted due to her new widow status. Her brothe...

5 Stars

The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls

As its proprietor Jill knows, the McCloud Bed-and-Breakfast has an interesting past: it was a former home for unmarried, pregnant women. That history often deters some of the town's clients away from her door, but Jill thinks it's something...

3 Stars

Remember Me

As teenagers, Danielle and Mia struck up an unlikely friendship in their private high school. Despite being from very different backgrounds and being of different ethnicities, the two become best friends. It is a friendship that spans decad...


French Lessons - A Novel

Sometimes, the most mundane days can change us in ways we never imagined. Whether the trip is in our hearts, minds or an actual physical movement, the lessons we learn each day and how they will affect us are unpredictable. It's these lesso...


Men, Women & Children - A Novel

The husband and wife who are disillusioned with their marriage; the son trying to wend his way through a divorce; the cheerleader attempting to force herself to be perfect; the drive that makes all individuals seek what they want without co...

3 Stars

Something Old, Something New - A Blessings Novel

Small towns are a blessing - and sometimes also a curse. Not a curse in the voice-trilling witch type of way, but rather in the way that everyone knows everything and isn't afraid to share their knowledge with those unfortunate enough to no...

4 Stars

Belong to Me

When Cornelia and Teo Brown moved to the suburbs they didn't expect their lives to become so.well, suburban. They were prepared for the perfectly manicured lawns and semi-uppity neighbors, but not for the struggle they would face to fit in....


The Secret Lives of the Four Wives - A Novel

In Nigeria, polygamy is openly practiced. For Bolanle, entering into a polygamous marriage seems like the only chance to become a wife. To her, it is provides an opportunity to have children. What seems like a happy polygamous household, ho...

5 Stars

Paris, Baby!

After living in Paris for eight years, Kirsten is embarking on a whole new type of lifestyle in the glittering City of Lights: motherhood! Of course, motherhood means lifestyle changes, but Paris' unique eccentricity and accepting residents...


Texas Blue - Whispering Mountain Series, #5

Ever since he was an orphan struggling to survive, Lewton Preston has focused on one day being financially comfortable enough to never have to worry. Now, he’s achieved that goal and is ready to leave his life as a gambler and find a...

5 Stars

The Paris Wife - A Novel

Hadley Richardson only wanted to escape – she knew it wouldn’t be for forever, but just couldn’t help feeding her wild side for a while. What she never imagines, however, is falling in love…and then jetting off to P...

4 Stars

Heartwood - A return to the beloved world of Evergreen

Iris Stern carries her deceased mother’s proud courage and staunch sense or rightness with her wherever she goes. She’s instilled it in each of her four children and, although she can’t say that she love every decision the...


When You Least Expect It

India and Jeremy Halloway want nothing more than a family, but after years of unsuccessful infertility treatments it seems like that their dream will never be fulfilled. When they begin to seriously consider adoption, however, their dream i...


Salting Roses - A Novel

Many Shady Grove residents view Gracie Calloway’s history of arriving on her “uncle’s” doorstep in a bucket as an ignominious start to life. Despite desperately wanting a mother’s love, Gracie has never felt on...


Mistletoe Everywhere

Long ago, Miss Penelope Lawrence gave up her idea of love. Now an orphan, she has resigned herself to living as her Aunt’s companion. What else, after all, is she supposed to do after being jilted four years ago by her would-be fianc&...


The Bluebonnet Caf‚ - Wayback, Texas Series - all can stand alone

Opening with a bang, literally that of an opening door and cowboy boots hitting the floor, The Bluebonnet Café follows Avery Livingston and Will Steele as they reconnect after Will’s two-year absence. When he left two years ago...


Why God Matters - How to Recognize Him in Daily Life

“Being Christian is not something we do, but a relationship we nurture and live out every day of our lives.” With that small sentence, Fabian and Lumbert introduce the purpose of their book. A discussion of the different paths i...



Set in the terrifying months prior to the outbreak of WWII, Kindertransport follows a moral and loving nurse as she attempts to make sense of the Nazi regime. After watching the SS arrest several friends and in fear of succumbing to the sam...

4 Stars

I Came Up Stairs - A Victorian Courtesan's Memoirs, 1867 to 1871

Marisa Montague was plucked from the London slums; changed out of her filthy rags and taught proper diction. She quickly becomes the courtesan to Britain’s most powerful men…and women. Famous for her seductive dancing, Marisa t...

2 Stars


Faith Ackerly is known in the haute ton for her pristine manner; so much so, in fact, that they commonly refer to her as the “Ice Princess” in private. Faith doesn’t mind, though, because to her presentation and behavior a...

  • Author: Deneane Clark
  • Review by: Audrey
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: DP

Return to Love

Joanie Caldwell is more than happy to leave the stuffy girls boarding school her all-but-absent father shipped her off to and return home. It's been more than two years since she has been home with her mother and brother and she couldn't be...