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The Aura of Love

A magazine publishes a story about other beings, non-humans, living among us. Their home is a carefully veiled island off the shores of North Carolina. They look like African-Americans so they have the option of working "off-island" and not...

4 Stars
  • Author: Kathy J. Marsh
  • Review by: Aisha
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Black Diva

A Cry in the Night

A vampire who rides a motorcycle and otherwise appears to be today's most desirable hunk is hurriedly trying to seduce a full-figured, delectable young woman. He's got to hurry because she's been bitten; with the full moon about to rise no...

3 Stars

Rebel Heart - Aspen Gold 2007 Finalist - Historical Category

In 1873, Courtney Danning defied her wealthy father's wishes and traveled alone from New York to Santa Fe to marry the man she thinks she loves. Widowed on her wedding day, Courtney realizes that her husband wasn't the only man awaiting her...


Triple X

Triple X is an ambitious and important story. Jordan and Abby are medical researchers who discover an alteration in human genetics due to exposure to a nationwide viral epidemic. There has been slow response by the government to the beginni...

4 Stars

Destiny's Warrior - Book 2

Humans and fairies accidentally encounter each other once in a great, great while. And that is the initial explanation for our story. Nakkole's mother, the beautiful Abunda, insists that sweet, young Nakkole is the best emissary to go into...

4 Stars

How to Talk to a Widower

Doug Parker lives in the suburbs. He would never have chosen to be there but it was an act of love to have moved into his new wife's house. Doug found his way in a friendly relationship with her adolescent son. Only two years into the marri...

3 Stars


Nikki is experiencing second life exuberance having survived her car being struck by a train. She's determined to live every moment fully from now on and go after what she wants. In this moment, Nikki wants and goes after a handsome bartend...

4 Stars

Killing the Rabbit

A Japanese pharmaceutical corporation discovered an odd ability in women research subjects which if allowed to follow its natural course will wreck future mega-profits. The Forecaster, a Japanese working in Harare, goes to a bar to contract...

5 Stars

The Edge

Two police detectives fall in love. One is a young man with an undesirable past consisting of a murdered lover and a wealthy relative who won't stop trying to control his life. In his new job location his fellow officers already know about...

4 Stars

Iridescent Invasion

Kasee Adair has just moved from Virginia to Coyote Bluff, Arizona after divorce. Immediately after arriving, she closes on her first home she proudly owns alone. Kasee has great hopes for her future as an independent woman and as a writer o...

3 Stars