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Super Pop! - Pop Culture Top Ten Lists to Help You Win at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and Make It Through the Holidays

For me, pop culture is always fun and interesting to read and this book brings us much of it. Some is older than what I would consider pop culture of today, but not less interesting. There are chapters full of lists, and tidbits about them,...

4 Stars

Girl in a Funk: Quick Stress Busters (and Why They Work)

Quick Stress Busters offers plenty of tips for teenage girls to use to help them relax and unwind when they are stressed out. From telling a teen to write her feelings out on paper; to making your own tea bath, from teaching short exercises...

5 Stars
  • Authors: Tanya Napier, Jen Kollmer
  • Review by: Diana Coyle
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: Health, Mind, & Body
  • Publisher: Zest Books

Start It Up - The Complete Teen Business Guide to Turning Your Passions into Pay

In this informative book geared to young budding entrepreneurs, Ms. Rankin provides pivotal data for young adults to think about and use in order to make their new businesses successful. She provides sample business plans for them to look o...

5 Stars

The Mother Daughter Cookbook - Recipes to Nourish Relationships

This book takes a great idea and puts it into a book. The Mother Daughter Cookbook not only encourages family time but the child will always be able to find a way to eat. It is a great teaching tool for using knifes, eye-hand coordination a...

4 Stars

Daisy to the Rescue - True Stories of Daring Dogs, Paramedic Parrots, and Other Animal Heroes

Animal lovers will find a series of short narratives about animals who have done some pretty remarkable things in this book. Although dogs are the featured animals, there are a range of other critters from lions protecting a kidnapped girl...

4 Stars