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Blood Chimera

I recommend “Blood Chimera” to anyone, who wants a change from the modern day cult like vampire fiction, but still wants to read about Vampires. Jenn Lyon's “Blood Chimera” renewed my love and desires for vampire literature. I hope to read...


Forged by Fate - Fate of the Gods, #1

Most of you know that I adore retellings and this one was no different. I really loved Forged by Fate! It was told by the POV of Eve where she has been reincarnated throughout history. Which was great! I loved how all the gods collided in t...

5 Stars

Fate Forgotten - Fate of the Gods, #2

I think I need to make a 5 star rating that says OBSESSED Because that is where I am with the Fate of the Gods stories. This one really made me kind of sad for Adam in some ways. I mean he still has to go...but it’s sad. This book really ma...

5 Stars

Beyond Fate - Fate of the Gods, #3

I was so scared that the ending of this wonder story was going to be ruined. This book has had one of the most complicated love triangles, deity blending that I've ever had the opportunity to read! And I have to say that all readers and aut...

5 Stars

Far Orbit - Speculative Space Adventures

If you’re looking for a good anthology of science fiction stories, look no further than Far Orbit, which I found to be a really awesome collection of traditional sci-fi stories that was hard to put down. I totally loved reading this book! A...

5 Stars

Legally Undead - Vampirarchy, #1

Elle Dupree has her life all planed out. She has a perfect wedding to plan for herself and she is on her way to getting her Ph.D. She has a loving fiancé and a great career ahead of her. So what can possibly go wrong? However, on her way ho...

4 Stars

The Devil in Midwinter

With a cover as breathtakingly beautiful and a tagline as intriguing, who wouldn't want to pick up this book and see what secrets lie behind the pages? Esmeralda Ulloa is a reporter for a small town newspaper in Mattawa Washington and the a...



I would have to call this the paranormal decade of books. It seems like everyone is trying their hand at vampires, werewolves, demons and witches. With that said, a lot of what is coming out is just the same story over and over with differe...

4 Stars

Specter Spectacular - 13 Ghostly Tales

Specter Spectacular. What an appropriate title for an anthology teeming with ghostly tales. This collection of 13 ghost stories chilled me to the bone. Each story was scarier than the last and made me keep the lights on even after I put the...

5 Stars
  • Authors: Amanda C. Davis, Kou K. Nelson, Jamie Rand, Shannon Robinson, Larry Hodges, Andrea Janes, Kristina Wojtaszek, Calie Voorhis, Jay Wilburn
  • Review by: DawnColclasure
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, Horror, Supernatural
  • Publisher: World Weaver Press

Cursed - Wickedly Fun Stories

I like short story anthologies, I really do. I also like paranormal and supernatural tales as well. However, these four stories didn't thrill me, nor make me laugh. They were just blah, and you could almost predict how the story was going t...