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A Ghostly Reunion - Ghostly Southern Mysteries, #5

“A Ghostly Reunion” by Tonya Kappes is a fun addition to this series, even more because of the guest-starring role by ebullient author Jade Lee, who fortunately is nothing like the character bearing her name. The uncanny ability to commune...

4 Stars

A Ghostly Murder - Ghostly Southern Mysteries, #4

This story is a fun cozy mystery with a hint of the paranormal and plenty of small-town charm. The somewhat macabre vocation of handling funerals is complicated when the ‘dearly departed’ won’t depart, and that provides an unusual twist to...

4 Stars

A Ghostly Demise - Ghostly Southern Mysteries, #3

I've heard so much about this series I was thrilled to finally get a copy for review. Unfortunately I was less than thrilled with the book. Now don't get me wrong it was well written, funny, and full of Southern Charm...but for some reason...

4 Stars

A Ghostly Grave - Ghostly Southern Mysteries, #2

The second book in The Ghostly Southern Mysteries Series is as good and fun as the first. It all started when a plastic Santa that was on the roof of Artie's deli and meat fell off and knocked Emma out. When she came to at the hospital, she...

5 Stars

A Ghostly Undertaking - Ghostly Southern Mysteries

Just another day but not exactly. Another day with another funeral and another ghost? Emma Lee Raines is a young funeral director and this is an ordinary day for her. Eternal Slumber Funeral Home is in Sleep Hollow, Kentucky. It's not out o...

4 Stars