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A Scone To Die For - Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, #1

Gemma Rose, a twenty-nine year old, makes the decision to leave her executive position in Sydney to open Little Stables Tearoom. All seems to fall into place until one day when Brad Washington, a rude American tourist, steps out of line wit...

5 Stars

The Netherfield Affair - Dark Darcy Mysteries, #1

When Elizabeth Bennett’s family receives word that Jane, the eldest daughter, has fallen ill during her travels to Netherfield Park, Elizabeth decides it is best that she immediately sets out to be at her sister’s side. Before leaving home,...

5 Stars

Tender Betrayal - The TENDER Series, #3

In the third and last book in The Tender Series, Leah and Toran have decided to start a new life together. Unfortunately, Leah is hiding a guilty secret from the man she loves and it may very well destroy whatever they have between them. Or...

5 Stars

Playing by Heart - Summer Beach Vets, #3 / Escape Down Under

Pippa returns home to Summer Beach Australia after living six years overseas. There’s something about Summer Beach that she always seemed drawn to and she’s happy that she’s now back there. The only problem she faces is trying to find a job...

5 Stars

Playing the Fool - Summer Beach Vets, #4 / Escape Down Under

After Charlie, the youngest vet at Summer Beach Veterinary Hospital, has a horrific day and misdiagnoses a dog, all she wants to do is end her shift and go home. But an emergency case walks in and needs a vet immediately. When she hears tha...

5 Stars

Tender Treachery - The TENDER Series, #2

Leah decides to leave her life in London and move back to Singapore to be with Toran. She’s willing to give love a second chance, that is until she starts learning that Toran is telling her lies. Mistrust is playing heavy on Leah’s mind and...

5 Stars

Playing to Win - Summer Beach Vets, #2

Ellie Monroe is a perfectionist and when something doesn’t go the way she plans, it drives her crazy. So when she meets Dr. Dan O’Brien of the Summer Beach Veterinary Hospital in Australia, all because a local dog decides to eat her work fl...

5 Stars

Playing for Love - Summer Beach Vets, #1

When Sara Monroe decides to take a break from her stressful life in Los Angeles, she heads to Summer Beach, Australia to go visit her cousin, Ellie. While she’s getting to see everything beautiful Australia has to offer her, she never think...

5 Stars

Playing Santa - A Summer Beach Vets Holiday Story

Holly Scott is given the chance of a lifetime when her friends, the Goldblums, who live in Summer Beach, Australia, ask her to house and cat-sit while they go on a Christmas cruise. She’s so excited to fly there, she can’t leave her home in...

5 Stars

Tender Deceit - First Love Series, #1

Even though Leah Fisher hasn’t been very close to her father lately, when she receives the call from the Singapore police that he has been killed, things seem to blur right past her. She packs some things and makes the necessary last minute...

5 Stars