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Year of the Dog

"Year of the Dog" was a fun comedic romance. I enjoyed the characters and building relationship. It was fun to see Sara teach Todd how to take care of a dog and it amusing to. Sara was kind and smart and I liked how she cared for pets and o...


Recipe For Love - Reyes Family, #2

J.T. is a man who lives hard and seen many things throughout his life. He’s a bad boy to the bone and every woman knows it. He’s been everywhere from New Mexico to Texas but being in suburbia is a whole new world. J.T. never exp...


Never Too Old For The Game Of Love - 1st book in the Reyes Family Romances

Alex Reyes is a man of wealth and always gets what he wants. He’s a bachelor true at heart and won’t let any woman enter his heart. The thing is when it comes to love anything is possible. When he hired Patti’s catering bu...


Virginia Creeper

After leaving his wife Faith after two month of marriage, Larkin Gentry now returns to his hometown of Damascus to team up with Faith to help stop a killer. The killer is dubbed the “Creeper” by the newspapers as he leaves no tr...

4 Stars

Replacing Barnie

Replacing Barnie, written as a prequel to Patrice Wilton’s Desperately Seeking Susie, brings all the gals together in an honest portrayal of attraction, distrust and love. Lydia O’Reilly was a highly sought after divorce lawyer...

5 Stars

A Dangerous Dream

Melissa has just been hired at her dream job. Not just any job but one where she will be working with great horses and a chance for the Grand Prix. Not racing cars but racing horses. This is the job she has dreamed of for so long. She had a...


The Secret Hunter - Available NOW in paperback and ebook

Beyond prime marrying age and being from a family with little to offer as a dowry, Miss Gwenllian Lloyd has resigned herself to being single. When her best friend, a pug dog named Oliver, causes her to careen into Daniel Wyckliff in a garde...

4 Stars

Retreat to Danger

Maureen Ripley is on the run from her violent ex-husband, Joe. She and Sam, her son, have moved to Serenity Bay for a fresh start and to hide from her ex. Mauri is a romance writer and hopes that the beautiful scenery in Serenity Bay can he...

3 Stars