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Reflection - Mirage High, #3

I enjoyed this quick glimpse into Sam and Tabby's lives. It was the first installment of the Mirage series for me. And even though it was out of order, this short snippet pulled me right in. I hope the rest of this series has as much excite...


The Demon's Princess - The Otherworldly Series #1

In a lot of ways, The Demon's Princess , felt almost like it was trying to cram every single young adult paranormal trope it could into its pages. Its historical (set in 1896), time travel (Lucinda is from 2010), paranormal (demons and were...

  • Author: Jessie Colter
  • Review by: Lexile
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, Supernatural, Romantic Elements, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Wild Horse Press

Mirage - Mirage High, #1

Samantha and her sister Tabby have just moved to a new town called Mirage. The girls move around a lot because their dad is a general in the army. He tells them that they will be the only humans in their new town. School is horrible for Sam...


Mr. Irresistible

“Mr. Irresistible” is a cute romance. Kate and Gage are two people who seem to be made for each other. Both are good looking, funny, smart, and afraid of commitment. Most of their problems come from their fear to admit how they...


Blood Dance - Seeds of Oden, Book 1

Ares, Cere, and Loki are three of the twelve Daughters of Oden. Human and vampire hybrids, the Daughters of Oden were created for a single purpose: to become the blood mate of the Nicaean warriors. When their home is compromised and their f...

3 Stars

Slave to Passion

Slave to Passion was a very short and hot read. Coulter-Smith jumps right into the action and these 20 pages were certainly sizzling from the get-go.   However, I have to admit that this story left me a bit cold because of the slave tr...


Vicus Luna

Cady finds she has no good options once she’s been kidnapped by the local werewolf pack. Between Marshall, Brendan, and even Brendan’s brother; none can give her what she truly wants which is to go home and pretend this kidnappi...


Moonlight Guardian - Ashton Grove Werewolves, Book 3

Chloe and Michael went out a few times and had sex with each other but Michael decided to break it off; he did not want to be tied down to just “one” female. A few weeks later Chloe found out she was pregnant with Michael’...


Unexpected Wife

She’s killed a man and now is on the run. Ainsley McCullough had no choice but to kill Andrew. Now on the run she seeks shelter in a house that is her only hiding place. She never expected though that the owner of the house would come...


Forever Love

Emily Malone vows that no matter what happened in her life in the past, she’s going to move on and make it the best life possible for her and her son, Andrew. Leaving New York and her best friend, Michael, would be hard, but moving ba...


Between the Lines

Smart and sexy Victoria Langston is a successful attorney working and living in New York City. While at work one day, she receives a phone call from her cousin, Mel Saunders, who works at Taylor & Wit Literary Services in London. Mel as...

5 Stars

Baby and All

Fiona is on the run from her boyfriend Garrett. At first he was romantic, sweet and loving yet now he is abusive. The worst part is that she is on the run but seven months pregnant. Stranded on the side of the road she didn’t expect a...

5 Stars

Wishes Come True

Abby is running out of money and unfortunately has no job. Just when she is about to give up an ad jumps at her and an unusual one to boot. She has no idea why someone would want someone to type for three to six month. Abby definitely had n...

4 Stars

Man of Her Dreams

Sienna Blake suffers from a low self-esteem and no matter how many times her good friend and neighbor, Robert, tells her that she’s beautiful; she just doesn’t want to believe him. He makes it his mission to continually remind h...