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Dog Head Code

I absolutely loved this book by Ms. Andersen! The storyline was intriguing and grabbed my attention immediately. I especially enjoyed the idea of the old book containing a map and a special unbroken code that Joe recently inherited from his...

5 Stars

A Satan Carol

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people or vice versa? Do you ever question where God is at times like this? I think we all have had these thoughts and in reading A Satan Carol we may get some answers. Ok, not the answer...

4 Stars

Red Tail Heart - The Life and Love of a Tuskegee Airman

“Red Tail Heart” by Kenneth W. Williams is a poignant story of the juxtaposition between a young successful divorce lawyer, Christopher (Chris) Irvin, and the tale of his uncle, Roy Lankster who was an important pilot from the Tuskegee Airm...


Storybook Love

Humpty Dumpty, Cinderella and Snow White are all the friends she grew up with and it is hard now as an adult to keep her friends working. Rebecca Charles always loved Storytown and will do everything she can to keep her business. Her grandm...

4 Stars

Crash Into Darkness

Crash into Darkness is an intense story that effectively transports the reader to the isolated world of a prison ship where every inmate and employee has the Cleaven gene. The Cleaven gene causes violent tendencies as well as giving its hos...


Sanguine Moons - Size: Micro / Short

Prey and predator. A monster and a human pitted against one another with an intense attraction that causes both to act against their instincts. Sanguine Moons weaves an eerie tale about hunter and hunted, hunger and lust.   Running abo...

4 Stars