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Writeyboard Neon Low Odor Premium Wet Erase Markers - Eco Friendly, 8 Pack

Great set of Web Erase Markers. I got in this set of 8 Wet Erase markers from Writeyboard. Each does have to be prepped and that takes around 30 seconds to a minute. Once you have them ready to go they work great. I love the hot pink and de...

5 Stars

Writeyboard ReFillable Low Odor Premium Dry Erase Markers - Eco-Friendly, 4 Pack

This set of 4 Wet Erase markers are pretty great. All the colors are bold and are pretty easy to wipe off the board. The refillable option is also great. You just remove the ink well and screw in another. My red was a bit liquidy on the fir...

4 Stars