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Melissa Hosack's book "Hunter" was a really good for many reasons. The vampire heroine Gwen was a strong woman that was not afraid to speak her mind. Her kind and caring side really came out in the writing. I liked her fighting skills. Hunt...


Merry Acres Widows Waltz

Merry Acres caters to the fifty-plus crowd. I have friends who live in the same type of planned community and I am aware of some of the goings on, so I was curious to see how a mystery would play itself out in Nan D Arnold's Merry Acres Wid...


Mask of the Betrayer - Book one in the sequel series

Mask of the Betrayer by Sharon Donovan is one of those books that will have you on the edge of your seat. You don't know what's going to happen until it unfolds. It kept me handing till the very end and now I'm looking forward to the rest o...


Struck by Conscience - Book 1 in the Faery Guardian Series

Charisma Mansfield is one of the popular girls in school. Being a senior, she knows in just a few short days her and her boyfriend, Brett Dorsey, will be Prom King and Queen. They’ve been dating about a year now, but things just don&r...

4 Stars

The Spy Who Fanged Me

When the world’s gold supply starts disappearing top agents from multiple divisions of P.L.A.S.M.A. - Paranormal League Against Social Menace Agency, are put on the case. One by one each agent assigned goes missing during their invest...


Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind

Beauregard Channing is a vampire.  For the past 400 years he has been working on finding magical items.  Items that if in the wrong hands can cause a lot of destruction and loss of lives.  Beau has lost all interest in having...


Better Than Chocolate

In high school beautiful and popular Kat, a girl afraid to go home because of her lecherous Uncle and Jake, a sensitive, creative boy prone to panic attacks, form an unlikely bond. After graduation they go their own ways but Kat misses him...