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The Earl's Wagered Bride - Christmas Belles, Book 1

Sigh.. I just love Cerise DeLand's stories. I know I am in for a wonderful tale full of her great characters and often some mischief, adventure and of course a sigh worthy romance! Griffith, the Earl of Marsden has just come back from the w...

  • Author: Cerise DeLand
  • Review by: LFDykes
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Romance: Historical, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: W. J. Power

The Magic Words - Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults

The Magic Words, by Cheryl Klein, is a fabulous resource for those writing for children and those wishing to write for children or young adults. The introduction tells exactly how to use the book successfully and I believe that is key. Than...


Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Bitten #2

After reading this I can say Oh yay!! It looks like each of the girls in the group will be getting their own book and their own vamp!! Plus we know know that lil shy Ivie isn’t as shy after all. I liked that the author let the girls take a...

4 Stars

The Breath of Allah

For decades, enemies of the United States have tried to drive troops out of the Middle East by striking both within the US and at foreign embassies overseas. Now, a terrorist group called the Spear of Muhammed takes a different tact by plan...


White Truffles in Winter - A Novel

This is a fictionalized story of the life of Auguste Escoffier, a renowned French chef who was truly great. Everyone loved his modernized ideas that he used to create French food; ideas that were handed down from generation to generation, a...

5 Stars

The Lonely Polygamist - A Novel

When you hear a book title like The Lonely Polygamist, you think that you're going to be served a big fat slice of melodrama pie, that reading it will be like watching an entire season of Big Love in one sitting or watching a tear-jerker TV...

4 Stars