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Tempt Me - Operation, #2

To help keep her library open librarian Cambrie must find a way to win a grant from the Veterans Affairs Department. With the help of her friends Emma and Finn she and Lt. Miller are brought together. The two begin a pen pal relationship th...


For the Love of a Woman

I enjoyed getting to know Marly and Mitch and I loved how the author provided enough twists and turns throughout to constantly keep you wondering what would happen next. I wasn’t certain if pairing Marly and Mitch together was going to work...

4 Stars

Spank Me - Operation, #1

What can I say about the erotica Spank me Operation #1? I absolutely loved it. Spank Me Operation #1 is the perfect tale of two pen pals from different worlds that find each other. I was laughing through half of the book. I could almost pic...


Saving Christmas

When the local mall Santa Clause is kidnapped in front of a group of caroling school kids, all eyes turn to Detective Doug Brophy, who is assigned the case. Charged with solving the crime and saving the holiday, Doug finds himself working w...

3 Stars

Web of Lies - Jewel of the Night

The book starts out with some drama, and a whole lot of mystery. I have to admit it did take me a few chapters to get completely interested in the book. To me the beginning was jumping between the different characters and there was no real...

4 Stars

Make a Wish and Blow

I spent a fair amount of this book blushing furiously from the heat that Daren and Cassandra generate together.  Even before they got to the actual act of sex, Daren's flirtatious tone (and inner possessive thoughts) and Cassandra's ha...

4 Stars