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The Coyote's Song - The Coyote Moon Series, #3

Ann Simko’s third installment in The Coyote Moon Series, The Coyote’s Song , takes readers on a journey the Thomas brothers will never forget. As Montana thinks to himself in this story, "You can't change who you are, you c...

5 Stars

Through the Glass - The Coyote Moon Series, #2

Montana Thomas awakens to find the woman he loves dead -- with her blood on his hands. But did he really kill her? The last thing he remembers is a loving session of pillow talk before they both drifted off to sleep. Not a sound, not a move...

5 Stars

Fallen - The Coyote Moon Series, #1

Dr. Dakota Thomas expects his evening shift to go down just like any other night in Caliente, Nevada. But when a Marine with a gunshot wound in his shoulder wearing dog tags saying he was born in 1898 is brought in, things start turning out...

4 Stars

Bait Shop Blues

Cassandra Thompson, a high-heeled Marilyn Monroe look-alike city slicker from Chicago came to northern Minnesota to check out her inheritance. She understood she owned one-half of a gift shop, a legacy from her grandfather, and she was dete...

4 Stars