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The Blood Guard - The Blood Guard Series, #1

The Blood Guard by Carter Roy is an adventure novel about a boy by the Ronan Truelove whose mother is a member of an ancient order of knights called the Blood Guard. This secret society is sworn to protect the Pure made up of thirty six nob...


Secrets of the Book

This one my kid and I really enjoyed! I love books that will get everyone to read including the elusive boy! This book is filled with best friends, a great dog, and magic all rolled into one. I loved Gregor and Spencer's friendship. Gregor...

4 Stars

100 Snowmen

In this seasonal children’s story, we find snowmen having fun by starting a snowball fight, they’re making funny faces for us to laugh at and they even count the starts at night. While the author tells what the snowmen are doing, children a...

5 Stars