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Kaitlin's Tale

This poignant paranormal tale continues to be unique in this genre because of the non-traditional characters who show that they are definitely not perfect. The harsh life that Kaitlin has already experienced has bowed but not broken her and...

4 Stars

Madison's Song

Scott Lee saved her from an evil sorcerer and Madison Carter repaid him by being terrified of him but to help her brother she turns to him for help and now they will have to save each other in this exciting paranormal romance. Scott has lov...

4 Stars

Stolen Dreams - ParaNormal Detective, #4

This was a wonderfully imaginative way to end the series and provided both poignant scenes and lots of unexpected surprises. It was a little overwhelming trying to remember who some of the players were at first, and I strongly recommend tha...


Mind Games - ParaNormal Detective, #3

This exciting addition to a fun new adult fantasy series continues to reveal more about the complicated Cassie Scot who has to juggle her duties to the town as a deputy and the obligations inherent in being a member of a very powerful magic...


Secrets and Lies - ParaNormal Detective, #2

This young adult paranormal tale is best read after the first in the series so that one has the full background on certain extreme changes in the heroine’s life. There is a wonderful combination of mystery and magic in this tale mixed with...

4 Stars

Cassie Scot - ParaNormal Detective, #1

This entertaining and imaginative story provides an intriguing twist on some of the traditional views of magic even as it addresses the concepts of inferiority and sibling competition. Cassie is a delightfully down-to-earth heroine even tho...

4 Stars

Abithica - First in Series

What if you were given the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to find the one person you love, but there is a catch: you are not the person you claim to be. Abithica by Susan Goldsmith starts with Abithica replacing the soul of Sydney Tu...