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Bound by Joy - Cauld Ane Series, #8

“Bound by Joy” is book eight in the Cauld Ane series. As the name suggests it’s a Joy. Kenna McFadden is Cauld Ane and she has lived hundreds of years. In all this time she hasn’t met her mate, but that is about to change. She meets a visit...


Bound by Fire - Cauld Ane Series, #2

Bound by Fire is the second book in the Cauld Ane series. This book is about Connall and Pepper. Connall is traveling in the United States when he detects his mate. Her pain draws him to Pepper who is being terrorized by a stalker. Pepper a...


Bound by Song - Cauld Ane Series, #4

This book is about the Max, the charismatic lead singer of a band and Grace an American. After an impromptu meeting backstage Grace and Max meet for the first time and Max relies he has met his mate. Grace and her family return to America w...

4 Stars

Bound by Secrets - Cauld Ane Series, Book #3

Bound by Secrets is the 3rd book in the Cauld Ane Series. This book can be standalone but to get the whole background of the characters I would recommend starting at the beginning of the series. This is the story of Brodie and Payton. Brodi...


Bound by Blood - Cauld Ane Series #1

Ha, males. The twists and turns in Bound by Blood keep it a fast paced and enjoyable read. The ancient Viking race is a total new twist on the normal in paranormal books and it’s great to see a new subject arrive. This is a great start to a...

4 Stars

The Bride Spy - The Civil War Brides Series Book #3

Hannah Nelson is a college student, ballet dancer and Private Investigator. She's also a New Zealand transplant to Chicago. When her friend Emma, as well as Emma's sister and brother in law go missing, Hannah is rightfully upset. What she c...

3 Stars

The Bride Price - The Civil War Brides Series Book #1

Sophie Ford is dying, and unless they can find a heart for her it will be sooner rather than later. Her husband James has vowed to love her forever. When Sophie suddenly disappears from their bed, James is beside himself with worry and fall...


The Bride Found - The Civil War Brides Series Book #2

Emma Wellington is beside herself and full of pain! Her sister Sophie and her brother-in-law Jamie have vanished without a trace. Everyone believes they are dead, so Emma must deal not only with her pain but with all their worldly possessio...

5 Stars