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Water World Warrior - TerraMates, #1

Ashlyn "Ash" O'Connor is in need of money fast. What is this girl to do? Will TerraMates be the answer for her? Sexy Nathaniel "Nat" Lachlan is an alien from the planet Vandwa. He just might be the answer for her. They have a blazing hot at...


Taken - TerraMates, #2

What happens when not enough females volunteers for TerraMates? The crew starts kidnapping them to fill the contract for human women. Lynette has had a hard life. She has a mom that is not supportive and men that have treated her bad. But b...


Warriors of Surtu

Terra was trained all her life and finds out her purpose was always a lie. During the biggest catastrophe of her time, she figures this out amidst the invasion of an alien race intent on enslaving the women of earth. Did it ever occur to th...

4 Stars

Mated to the Alien King

Dar and Kenna are in love and things are looking good, if you can overlook the ominous disappearance of 10,000 people. As ruler, Dar should stay put but he’s not listening to his advisors and that turns out to be a big mistake. When Kenna i...

4 Stars

Captured by the Alien King

Earth is a toilet and new worlds are within our grasp. Kenna is practical and puts her knowledge of growing things to good use and gets the heck off world. But while the environment isn’t as welcoming as she hoped, there are opportunities....

4 Stars

Desert World Savages

Talk about a bad night! Tracy grudgingly goes to a bar and ends up in outer space. Sure, there's a lot of stuff going on in between and that's where the story gets interesting. Reven is basically an undercover cop and Tracy is in the wrong...

4 Stars

Queen of the Savages - Desert World Savages, #12

We pick up where Desert World Savages ended and I was so ready. Rev and Tev are reunited but there is some tension there that rears its ugly head later in the book. Tracy is dealing with Rev's inheritance and what that means to them as a co...