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Gumshoe Girl

Andi Ramos introduces an entertaining new detective to the cozy genre. I knew Sheagan O’Hare was going to be different from the very first scene, because she truly came in like a wrecking ball. After her introduction I truly had no idea wha...

4 Stars

In the Dark

A wolf mafia, human trafficking, kidnapping and a lot of secrets make this romance into something closer to a fast-paced action adventure. There is so much going on that you really have to keep reading due to being so wrapped up in all of t...

4 Stars

Rhythm of My Heart - Irish Pride Series, #1

This is a solid romance novel and I believe this author is on her way to gaining a large and loyal following. Love contemporary romance? Ireland? Romantic Suspense? Then you shouldn't pass this one up. Kemberlee has a real knack for catchin...

4 Stars

A Piece of My Heart - Irish Pride Series, #2

Something happened ten years ago that tore apart the friendship and possibility of something more from Kate and Mick. Mick ran off to University in Dublin and made every excuse in the world to avoid coming home. Now with both of his parents...

3 Stars

Awakening - The ABCs of S-E-X: Love by the Letter series, #1

Ysbail was given in marriage to Bedwyr ap Owain, son of the king of Gwynedd as part of a peace settlement. Bedwyr is called 'Grave Knower' because of his ferociousness in battle. All fear him and eighteen year old Ysbail is now his wife. As...