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Time For Kids All Access - Your Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Coolest People, Places and Things!

I think that the most important characteristic of a good children’s book is that it stirs the imagination, and this particular book is an excellent example of such a tome. One cannot help but get enthusiastic about the variety of topics cov...

5 Stars

Amazing Sports and Science - TIME For Kids Book of Why

Did you know that the holes in Swiss cheese are caused by bubbles of carbon dioxide? Do you know where the hula-hoop originated from? These questions and many more can be answered in the The Time For Kids Book of Why series. This book inclu...

4 Stars

Stellar Space - TIME For Kids Book of Why

Do you have a young child who enjoys learning about space? A child with lots of questions about the planets and all that comes with and between them? This may be a book you want to pick up. It has many interesting facts that will keep kids...

4 Stars

TIME For Kids X-WHY-Z Animals - Little Kids Ask. We Answer.

This is a great book to have when visiting the zoo or for any children's library. It was a book to read along with my niece and nephew. I was able to answer their questions. I also liked the format. My niece was able to write her own "stori...

5 Stars

Robots: TIME For Kids Explorers

Think “robot” and some pretty popular robots come to mind: Rosie from The Jetsons, Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Robbie from Lost in Space, K9 from Doctor Who and, of course, the space-traveling duo C3PO and R2D2 of the Star War...

5 Stars

Really Cool People & Places - TIME For Kids Book of Why

Do you know why the Titanic sank so fast or why the Civil War was fought? The Time For Kids Book of Why includes 250 facts that kids want to know about different people and places. This book is separated into two sections: History and Peopl...

4 Stars

Awesome Animal Kingdom - TIME For Kids Book of Why

“TIME for Kids Book of Why: Awesome Animal Kingdom, 250 Facts Kids Want to Know!” is a thin and nicely illustrated book that is chock-full of miscellaneous details about various animals, including humans and covers a broad spectrum of topic...


TIME For Kids Big Book of When: 801 Facts Kids want to Know - Time for Kids Big Books

“Time for Kids Big Book of When” is a great jumping off point for almost any subject your kids wish to explore. Whether it's a question about when pizza was invented or when the Internet began; there's an answer in the book. I liked that an...