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The Silent Duke - The 1797 Club Book 4

“The Silent Duke” by Jess Michaels is a delicious story that explores one man’s handicap and its impact on his life. I was intrigued by the blurb because of the implication that two kids came up with their own version of sign language. As I...


The Duke of Nothing - The 1797 Club Book 5

“The Duke of Nothing” by Jess Michaels is an entertaining glimpse into the lives of the aristocracy of Regency England with the added twist of interactions with a few of those troublesome Americans thrown into the mix. The responsibilities...

4 Stars

A Matter of Sin - The Ladies Book of Pleasures, #1

This is a wonderful historical romance that is a bit more spicy than some readers may be comfortable with. Not only do you go behind closed doors but you get bits of wisdom from the Ladies Book of Pleasures, a how to book that tells women o...


A Moment of Passion - The Ladies Book of Pleasures 2

This book is the second in a series of erotic historical romances. Yes, there was sex back then and what happened behind closed doors could be quite risqué. Each chapter in this book starts with a wonder quote from The Ladies Book of Pleasu...

5 Stars