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My Name is Karma

“My Name is Karma” is a story of revenge and finding an everlasting love along the way to that revenge. From the beginning of the book you get Yves finding Lucas near death. They find love. It’s a very heart wrenching story that I very much...

4 Stars

Lancelot in Love

On vacation and trying to get over an affair gone bad Lancelot Sanborn goes to the Catskill Mountain resort. It's a place he used to spend his childhood vacations at. Renting a cabin on the lake he thinks it'll be a boring but relaxing time...

4 Stars

Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty by GA Hauser is a fun filled, erotically-sexy romp from start to finish. There are many elements of naughtiness throughout the novel that is a sure fire way of heating up her readers' on a cold winters night. Through her fast...

4 Stars

Of Wolves and Men

Charlie Mosby is a foreman on a horse ranch; lately he has become confused about his sexuality. He has been straight all his life. Then one day after getting a flat tire a young man stops to help him and Charlie receives his first blowjob f...


Born To Please

Born to Please is the first book I have read by author GA Hauser and now that I have I will most definitely be reading several more. To start, her style is fluid, each scene connecting seamlessly to the next. Her characters are real, dealin...


Being Screwed - Action Series, #7

Being Screwed by G.A. Hauser is a rip-roaring, fun filled book from start to finish. As usual, Mark Antonious Richfield kept me glued to the book from start to finish. Not only does Mark seem to get sexier with every story he&rsqu...

5 Stars

Hot Rod

G.A. Hauser is a must buy author for me. Her sexy and complex heroes almost always steal my heart. Her fast paced storylines gets my attention from the first page and doesn’t let up until the last. Her latest book, Hot Rod, is no exce...

5 Stars

Black Leather Phoenix

Black Leather Phoenix by G.A. Hauser is an intense rollercoaster ride of erotic mystery and suspense. From the first page I knew that this book was going to be different than any other book written by Ms. Hauser. Black Leather Phoenix is on...


Got Men

Conrad Hogan has been down on his luck. As an unemployed construction worker, without any job prospects in sight, he interviews for a slot for a new reality show called Got Men. To his surprise he is asked to be one of the six cas...


A Man's Best Friend

Ronnie Caruso would like to have children - has wanted to for a long time. There's only a slight problem with that scenario...Ronnie is very commitment shy and not entirely sure he was interested in intimacy with a woman. While he was conte...


Double Trouble

Twins Danny and Donny decide that they want a challenge, because they are bored. It’s just too easy for them to get any gay man they want. They make a bet with each other to get a straight man to have sex with both of them all the&nbs...


Calling Dr Love

When two men, both with their share of pride and ego, meet by chance and sparks fly, will they have a chance of making something of it? Or will their pride and egos get in the way? Phil Andrews comes from a small town background - whic...