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A Gentle Christmas

Yvette Hines' A Gentle Christmas tells the tale of Monica Lancing and Ridge Nicholaus. At a local BDSM club, Ridge watches Monica as she scenes with another Dom. He is concerned that Monica is not enjoying her experience, nor is she calling...

4 Stars

The Chariot: Scorpio Risen

Deylen Troika has been a changed man since the unsolved murder of both of his parents. Now Alpha of his clan, his mission is to find their killer, find a mate, and produce an heir. The problem is no one is attractive to him in his...

3 Stars

Sugar and Sin - a tale of the Eververse (Book 1)

Stella and Audra Price, sisters, who co-write across an ocean, have brought the world of Eververse to life. The characters are extremely real. I could picture myself having a drink and a night out with Astrid and Ashlyn. Astrid and Ash are...


Fire In His Eyes - Dragon Elementals I

Charcoal, one of five earth, fire, or water elementals that survived the attacks on their kind from the followers of the Fire Lord meets Alcyone an exotic dancing establishment owner. Char can transport hisself through fire which is one of...