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The Art of Fear - The Little Things That Kill Series Book 1

"The Art of Fear" is the story of Ari, a girl with a tough and traumatic past, who decides to create a support group, where she meets a girl that completely changes her life. I know my synopsis of the book is very vague, but I really didn’t...

5 Stars

A Fatal Affair

This short story/ novella is the prequel to The Admirer's Secret. I read this book before I read the full length novel and I think I would advise readers to read this one after you read The Admirer's Secret. This story gives the reader a li...


The Admirer's Secret

Haley is a frustrated screenwriter that has had a sad and traumatic past with the death of her father and the suicide of a good friend. Her mother is a little loopy, but Haley tries to be sure and visit her often. Taking a writing class, Ha...

4 Stars