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Rock Wedding - Rock Kiss Book 4

Nalini Singh does it again! I’ve really enjoyed the Rock Kiss series and the fourth installment is even better than the first three. The stories are tightly woven, believable, and entertaining. I’ve been curious about Abe and Sarah because...

4 Stars

Stupid Love - Stupid in Love, #3

It is so hard for me to write that Stupid Love just didn’t work for me. I liked it the least out of the three titles. This one is not so tightly connected to the “Stupid in Love” series. The story started well and I was hoping for an exciti...

3 Stars

Stupid Boy - Stupid in Love, #2

Psychological violence can leave permanent damage on the person. Its scars are deep and invisible and they are so hard to mend. Harper Bell has those scars. Stupid Boy is a fast paced story but do not be fooled by that, this is not an easy...


Can't Touch This - ResistingTemptation, #1

I have to say Can’t Touch This was enjoyable at times. This book is about Vanessa who had never really had a REAL relationship that lasted long. She is all work and no play. She advances in her work place, but from the way she described the...