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Dangerous Interference

Before I proceed to tell you just how incredibly awesome this book is, I feel it necessary to say something. If you don't like a certain genre, don't buy the book. Read through the blurb and the disclaimers my Knotty peeps, if you don't thi...

5 Stars

The Westerfield Affair

“The Westerfield Affair” by Renee Rose is a sweet, erotic romance that readers will find entertaining and enjoyable. Harry is a socially awkward hero, however, this adds to his likability and makes him rather endearing. I like that the hero...

4 Stars

Becoming Daddy's Girl - The Daddy's Girl Series, #4

I love me some Normandie’s Daddy series!!! This series grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go till you hit the last one and that’s when you know it’s over and then you have to deal with your book blues…hoping something else will b...


Bound by the Buccaneer - Pirates of the Jolie Rouge, #2

“Bound by a Buccaneer” is the second erotic romance in Normandie Alleman’s Jolie Rouge trilogy. Having read the first of the series “Rescued by a Buccaneer” I was excited to continue the story, and found “Bound by a Buccaneer” to be similar...


Tamed by the Buccaneer - Pirates of the Jolie Rouge, #3

“Tamed by the Buccaneer” is the final story in Normandie Alleman’s Jolie Rouge trilogy. After reading the first two I was anxious to see how Gaston and Frederica’s story would end. The romance is still steamy and erotic, but there are also...

4 Stars

The Alpha's Hunger

Ashley is not a fully emotionally mature woman yet, at least in my opinion. She's very young, inexperienced and a little too trusting. When she meets Ben and the chemistry strikes, she's certainly more receptive than Ben since she's lacking...


Taken by the Tycoon

Violet is a single woman raising her teenage daughter. She thinks she is too old for a man like Stuart and is surprised when he shows any interest in her. Stuart is several years younger than Violet but the more she tries to pull away the m...


Poor Little Daddy's Girl - Daddy's Girl Series, #3

Charmaine Bainbridge appears to have it all however behind it all lives a sad and broken girl who only wants to be loved. Hunter is a firefighter who saved Charmaine from a fire that she set by her carelessness. Hunter takes on the role of...

5 Stars

Rescued by the Buccaneer - Pirates of the Jolie Rouge, #1

“Rescued by the Buccaneer” is a steamy, erotic romance with an interesting storyline. Frederica is a stubborn and vulnerable heroine, who grows throughout the story. She struggles, but ultimately overcomes her fears and faces challenges hea...


The Knight's Prisoner

The Knight's Prisoner is an extremely scorching novel of sweeping romance and bitter betrayal. It is a novel that will grab a reader from the start and never let go. Dani and Ferrun are two of the most interesting characters I have read rec...

4 Stars