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Darkness Possessed - Order of the Blade, #9

A tormented shadow of a warrior undertakes a battle he believes he has no way to win in this spellbinding paranormal romance. Zach Roderick’s mission is derailed by the tempestuous Rhiannon Diaz and his refusal to abandon her drags them bot...

4 Stars

Ice - Alaska Heat, #1

Kaylie Fletcher has got a major problem. She has to travel back to the one place she hates most in the world: The Alaskan icy mountains and she isn’t happy about it. She does have reasons to pretty much hate the place because her enti...


Chill - Alaska Heat, #2

Luke Webber is content with his life as a bush pilot in the wilds of Alaska and far away from his troubled past. Isabella comes to Luke with a bullet wound in her shoulder and her own motives for tracking him down. But a mountain of trouble...