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A Dragon's Heart - The Gatekeepers #2

This was a terrific book. I loved every minute of it. Elena is at carnival in Rio when she gets a vision of her sister in danger. Minutes later she finds out that her sister is missing. She has always had this gift, and it always shows her...

5 Stars

The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding - Italian Billionaires Collection, #1

I really enjoyed The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding. The story flows well and has interesting characters. Plus you get some great descriptions of the places the characters visit. I was able to loose myself in the author’s words. Nicholas is over-...


A Dragon's Seduction - Gatekeepers, #1

Brayden and Callie meet in an unusual way. Brayden is a firefighter, and Callie is a florist. They meet during a fire. Brayden is in the middle of fighting a fire when he hears Ellie. She directs him to the children that are trapped. He fin...

5 Stars