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The Reluctant Billionaire Bride - Billionaire Brides Book 3

I love a good small town romance, even when it's clouded over by a few big city dreams. Roz Lee continues to steam up bookshelves with alluring tales of gutsy women, oblivious men and this time around a few busybody neighbors. The "Reluctan...


Strike Out - Mustangs Baseball #6

Strike Out is a little different from the other Mustangs Baseball books. In this book we are trying to find out why Royce is having a hard time getting his groove back in pitching. In comes Dr. Trisha Reed. She’s a psychologist and trying a...


Bases Loaded - Mustangs Baseball #3

I must say I love the Mustangs Baseball series. I’ve read them all and want to read many more by this author. Each story can stand-alone, but I encourage readers to start from the beginning… you can download Free Agent for free in the Free...


Going Deep - Mustangs Baseball #2

Jason is a professional baseball player who just got out of a relationship because the girl he was with was not into what he wanted in the bedroom. So when she left he went to a friend who found out what he wanted and he then met his submis...


Sweet Carolina

Roz Lee has brought NASCAR to romance with a hero that you can't help but love and a strong heroine you root for from page one! I instantly connected with her set determination and guts to hold her chin high, deal with the pushy men of the...