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Beneath Still Waters - Still Waters Part One

I really enjoyed reading this short story by Ms. Netzel. Although her story is part of the Tales from the Mist Anthology, I am only reviewing Ms. Netzel’s story at this time. From the very beginning I was pulled into her storyline and I lov...

5 Stars

Rising Above - Still Waters Part Two

In this second part to the Still Waters storyline, Ms. Netzel outdid herself. From the very first word, I was already prepared for the roller coaster ride I knew she was going to take me on because I read and loved the first book in this se...

5 Stars

Hold On To Me - Welcome To Redemption, #8

Ms. Netzel penned another fantastic story for her readers to enjoy. In this eighth book in the Welcome to Redemption series, we’re introduced to Jenny Clark, a woman who’s trying to start over after having a seriously abusive relationship w...

5 Stars

More Than a Kiss - Sand Cover Edition

Ms. Netzel is an author who knows what her readers like reading and she continually comes up with new and exciting characters and storylines to keep us coming back for more. That’s exactly what she achieved in penning this novel. She molded...

5 Stars