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Born a Crime - Stories from a South African Childhood

I am on a quest to read more diverse books to widen my knowledge about other life experiences and "Born a Crime" by Trevor Noah was suggested to me by my local library. This book goes back and forth between sections. First there is a sectio...

4 Stars

The Weight of Blood

This was a unique and well done mystery. I was only a few pages in to it when I realized it was going to dark and gritty, which I love. The story is told from two points of view, Lucy and Lila. What I didn't realize at first was they are mo...

4 Stars

Bingo's Run

Bingo Mwolo is not only a fast runner but he is also gainfully employed, if you call working for a drug dealer in Nairobi “gainful” employment. The boy delivers drugs for his boss and is kept quite busy until one day he stumbles on a murder...

4 Stars