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The Loving Touch - Book Three of The Touch Series

Stoni Alexander’s amazing Touch series continues with the third (and I hope not final) book in the series. We’ve seen some truly hot and steamy alpha males in this series so far and Jagger Loving is no exception. He’s the CEO of Loving reso...

5 Stars

The Wilde Touch - Book Two of The Touch Series

Scorching chemistry, intrigue, suspense and kink, what more can you ask from a story? "The Wilde Touch" is a nonstop roller coaster ride, up and down with twists and turns until it reaches its ultimate destination. Crockett and Alexandra pl...

5 Stars

The Mitus Touch - Book One of The Touch Series

Sometimes the blurb for a book doesn't really do it justice. The "Midas Touch" is one of those books. I went in expecting your typical revenge turns to love story. It's nothing like that. There's twists and turns, unexpected side stories an...