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Pieces of Me

"Pieces of Me" is the story of Shadow Harper and her struggle in recovering from an abusive and manipulative ex-husband. Much of the book focuses on Shadow’s coping mechanisms and dreams of the future. Walker does a great job of describing...


F*ck Club: Riley

“F*ck Club: Riley” by Shiloh Walker is filled with the author’s trademark tortured souls, and is an entertaining exploration of the twists and turns life can take when evil intersects with it. I love the way both the heat and the danger gra...


Broken Blade - Colbana Files

This intense urban fantasy series has provided a serious crucible for its main character to undergo and it was difficult to read about what Kit experienced in the last book. Understandably, she feels broken and isolated from those who care...


Night Blade - Colbana Files

This exciting paranormal novel is filled with exciting action scenes, romantic entanglements and plenty of angst. This author excels in penning emotionally wrenching situations and Kit’s life has been a series of horrific experiences that h...

5 Stars

Blade Song - Colbana Files, #1

I thought that this was a great introduction to a new urban fantasy series which is liberally sprinkled with intriguing characters and invigorating fight scenes. As usual, the author (JC Daniels, aka Shiloh Walker) displays an imaginative m...