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The Restoration - The Prairie State Friends, #3

The Restoration is the third book in the Prairie State Friends Amish series. This book continues after the authors last book “The Gift”. To really get the full understanding of this series I recommend that you read these in order. The three...

4 Stars

The Gift - The Prairie State Friends, #2

I found The Gift, a second in this series, was a good read and a well written story that will keep your attention as you will keep turning the pages. We are presented with an Amish story where we find Adam Beachy needing help after a traged...

5 Stars

Decision - The Prairie State Friends, #1

I just finished reading "The Decision" by Wanda E. Brunstetter which is book one in her Prairie State Friends series. I liked the storyline and I liked the characters. Jonah Miller has come to a new community because he has been left at the...

4 Stars