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The Lady of the Lakes - Historical Proper Romance

"The Lady of the Lakes" by Josi S. Kilpack is truly a beautiful and romantic love story. “Scarce one person out of twenty marries his first love, and scarce one out of twenty of the remainder has cause to rejoice for having done so. What we...


Fablehaven Book of Imagination

This book isn't just for Fablehaven fans nor for children. Anyone can have fun coloring, solving the riddles and so much more. It's an entertaining adventure. You can spend hours in the magical pages of this book. If you like recipes, there...

4 Stars

Winter Sky

Chris Stewart has written a very good novel, “Winter Sky”. I always gravitate toward books set during World War II, especially those written about the French Resistance, the Malice, and what the people had to endure and how their homelands...

4 Stars

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells - A Proper Romance

Sarah M. Eden brings us a clean, proper, and good romance book about the right of a woman to hold what is supposedly a man's job. This is a small town and it certainly doesn't need two sheriffs, but Savage Wells may not be peaceful for long...

5 Stars

Frontier Grit - The Unlikely True Stories of Daring Pioneer Women

Twelve brave women, caring and with such big hearts and souls, faced odds beyond belief to settle the "wild west". These women were from all parts of the world, all different, and yet all the same in some ways. Their lives were anything but...

5 Stars


This book started out so well but shortly into it the story it became full of older Christian values. Woman are there to make man happy end of story. I’m sorry but in this day and age that thought process just doesn't hold water. And I am k...