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Her Lovestruck Lord - Wicked Husbands 2

I don’t read many Regency novels, there are a lot of writers writing in this genre and a lot of these type of romances aren’t particularly well written. They are often littered with Americanisms that no English person uses in present day sp...


Her Errant Earl

"Her Errant Earl" is Scarlett Scott's first book in the 'Wicked Husbands' series and it is the second book by her that I have read. I read the second book in the series, "Her Lovestruck Lord" a few days before I started reading this book. L...


She Likes Him Bad

She left like a thief in the night years ago. And she left part of herself behind. She just didn't know it. Emma wanted more than the small town she grew up in could offer her. And she knew Jackson wouldn't be happy anywhere else. So to mak...


Captain Grey's Lady

Every person out there knows the pain of love lost, and the joy of second chances. This story expresses both those feelings with surprising skill, especially considering the shortness. Lizzie's character was truly a woman ahead of her time,...


Wicked Dirty

Ivy Denton works for her father’s construction company, a strictly male dominated profession. When she spots subcontractor Jake Shaw, looking like any red blooded woman’s wet dream across a not very crowded construction site, sh...

5 Stars