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Chasing Her Trail - Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas, #6

Jessie McBride has been through hell and back – a few times. Life hasn’t been very fair or kind to her, which has hardened her resolve to remain the fiercely independent woman she is. She keeps herself selective of a few friends and Tiffany...

4 Stars

Satisfying Her Tastes - Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas

He came to Apple Trail to escape from the person he used to be, while she came back to Apple Trail to reconnect with who she once was. Grant is tired of living life in the fast lane with soon forgotten women. He's looking for stability and...

4 Stars

Better After Midnight - Steaming Quickies

When they say Quickie, they mean Quickie. Though to be fair they were delightful little treats as well. Of the three I definitely liked 'Sizzle' the best, mostly because I thought it was rather humorous the by play between the Tate and Dext...

4 Stars

The Proposal - A "Dirty Bits" Short Story

Cheri and Blake met five years ago in an ice cream parlor and after instant sparks ignited between them, she took him up on the offer to go back to his hotel room. Since then, they have planned a secret rendezvous place where they have an e...

5 Stars

The Bridegroom - A "Dirty Bits" Short Story

Christian names are never spoken throughout this quick peak into a medieval lady's thoughts. Forced to marry a man for political reasons, we hear her thoughts spoken in the language of the time as she thinks about what is to come on her wed...