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Secrets - Bluegrass Homecoming: Book 2

Kelly Baron is a woman who is harboring a deep secret that no one knows. Since leaving her hometown of Landam, Indiana twenty years ago because her parents couldn’t deal with the fact that she was pregnant and unwed, Kelly has made th...

5 Stars

Mercer: The Montana McKennas - The Montana Ranchers, #5

Mercer is a sensitive woman and the peacekeeper in the family who cares about the people around her. One thing she said stayed with me, she hurt because her mother hurt and it was true. Mercer feels for those and her mother is a big part of...

3 Stars

A Groovy Christmas - The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 3

Jan Scarbrough quickly builds the framework of small town Legend with everybody being in everybody else’s back pocket as well as setting the reader in the timeframe of the cultural revolutions of the late 1960's. When Grant Winchester...


The Reunion Game - The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 1

When she was in high school, Jane Smith was the shy girl who never acted on what she wanted. Now fifteen years later, she’s older and wiser and no longer afraid but pickings are slim in Legend, Tennessee. At least until the high schoo...


Betting On Love

Sarah Colby is ready to settle down. She wants marriage and children. So with the help of her friends she starts looking for her Prince Charming. When Lane Williams, a self-confirmed bachelor, kisses her she begins to think he just might be...


My Lord Raven - Knights of the Royal Household

Catrin and Bran's story is almost breath taking in its pace, with intrigue and heroism galore. Catrin is admirable in her courage and love for her family, I found myself cheering her on even as I sometimes winced at the foolhardiness of her...

3 Stars