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One Bite Away - Vampire Chronicles, #1

One Bite Away is a great book! I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait for the next one in the series to come out. Carldeena is a wonderful character who is lonesome. Marty is a vampire who is living in a lonely world with a burden on his sh...


Bare It All

Kieri is bored with the good girl life. Her friend Daniela takes her to a local club, Bare it All, in order to help break her out of her doldrums. While there, Kieri sees a blast from her past, her first love, Grant. He sees her and the att...


Carole's Awakening

Carole is heading to her Thursday night class at the university while a freakish winter snowstorm hits. The plows can’t keep up with clearing the streets and the university decides to cancel classes. She is excited because a...

4 Stars