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Old Enough

C.L. Kraemer introduces a man truly worthy of the title hero in this mystery and a scenario that keeps the reader asking questions. I hate to say it but Old Enough was really just, good enough for me even though it had the potential to be a...

3 Stars

Guardian's Shadow - Fire and Snow, #3

I felt so bad for Kit because she's so unique and yet she doesn't see it. When Jessie comes into her life and she realizes he's her mate she's excited and a little freaked out. They had some things to workout but the sexual tension was ther...

4 Stars

Miss Mayfair's Dilemma

K.G. McAbee gives bookworm romantics a love story they will sigh over with this sweet and suspenseful Regency romance. Really what woman doesn’t want a dashing hero to fall instantly in love with her, changes his profligate was and shower h...

4 Stars

The Leader of the Band - Rock'n'Romance

The Leader of the Band is a story about receiving the gift of second chances.ÿZach Zacata has been the leader of the rock band, Siege for years now.ÿThe band is trying to make a comeback, but Zach is questioning if stardom is still what he...


Frozen Death

When prison doctor, John Randall, sees an inmate freeze to death in sweltering heat, he's baffled and awaits the coroner's diagnosis. Before he can get a reasonable explanation, another inmate falls prey to the mysterious ailment and dies....


Blue Fire - Kingdom of Kell, #1

Jane is, on Earth, your average 'plain Jane.' She knows this and has long since excepted this as fact, so she doesn't dwell on the disappointing appraising stares she receives from other men. Instead she continues on in life with her own cl...

4 Stars

Fire Underneath the Ice

While the overall concept of “Fire/Ice” was rather intriguing, unfortunately Ms. Natanevin does still need to work on her storytelling skills. From even the initial pages, I did not get a feel for who the main characters were. A...

2 Stars

Rekindled Love

Fire Chief Mitch Chambers is in a serious quandary. Forest Ridge, Oregon is being terrorized by a sadistic arsonist that seems to be covering all of his tracks. Because of this, there really aren’t many eyewitness accounts on the fire...


Dakota's Bride

Emma St. John is on the run from a very dangerous and evil man, her stepfather. Upon her mother’s mysterious death after a long illness, Emma overhears her stepfather discussing how he systematically poisoned her mother until she...


Forever His

Etta Barringer has made tons of mistakes and one big one is back to torment her. Not in a bad way but a very delicious way. The thing is the man who she betrayed months ago wants more than revenge from her. She saw Jacob St. John go through...

5 Stars

A Wife for Jay Prescott

Jay Prescott is a hardworking businessman and won’t let anything interfere in making his business strive to success. His grandmother constantly harasses him to slow down in life. His best friend hired Lillian Ross to help with his bus...

4 Stars

The Talisman

When someone tries to force her off her land, Dr. Moriah McKeown hires Ivan Civanovich to protect her and her adopted children.   Moriah and Ivan are attracted to one another yet, due to their pasts and the current circumstances, neith...