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Second Chances

Jackson Hale hates trouble and surprises. Casey Marshall is one woman with a big T for trouble. Every time he thinks there’s peace in his life Casey comes and wreaks havoc. He has no idea that the big trouble she is now is going to le...

5 Stars

Sorcery and the Single Girl

Jane Madison is a witch in training. And she must face the Washington Coven and complete the test they give her to see if she meets the coven's high standards. If she wins, she becomes one of Hecate's Daughters. But if she loses, she loses...


The Romancipation of Maggie Hunter

The concept of romancipation, as noted in the forward of Jane Sigaloff's new chick lit "The Romancipation of Maggie Hunter," is defined as "The freedom for women to love whom they choose while retaining their own space and identity." That t...