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The Omega's Heart - Wilde Creek, #4

This book was everything that I'd wanted it to be. I absolutely loved the main characters in this story. Jeremiah was a hot wolf shifter, and a really good man, but he was kind of broken. He was a shifter who couldn't actually shift. His pa...

4 Stars

Michael & Shyne - The Wolf's Mate, #4

Shyne Marie Jackson was removed from state foster care the day she turned eighteen. The state gave her twenty dollars and showed her the door. Lost and alone she wasn't sure where to go. When she meets another lost soul, Travis Heron, they...


Bo & Reika - The Wolf's Mate, #5

Bo, third in the Tressel Pack, found no relief from the pain in his leg with the shifting. The pain from the old injury was steadily growing worse. The full moon gathering was here and he was going to enjoy it while he could. As Bo heads to...

4 Stars

Logan & Jenna - The Wolf's Mate, #6

R. E. Butler has taken the tried and true and made it extraordinary once again. Girl is in peril, boy saves girl, boy and girl must fight evil forces and save their world, and then boy and girl live happily ever after. Almost all romance su...


Lindy & The Wulfen - The Wolf's Mate, #7

To say Melinda "Lindy" Vincent has an appalling reputation is like saying The Great Chicago Fire was a bonfire. She has decided she does not like who she has become and sets out to make changes to her life. She wants to become the person sh...

5 Stars

Jason & Cadence - The Wolf's Mate, #1

That this was written by R. E. Butler was the first clue that this was a story to be savored and I was not disappointed. I have a weakness for shifter romances. "The Wolf's Mate - Jason and Cadence" is the first in a series of shifter roman...


Linus & The Angel - The Wolf's Mate, #2

Linus Mayfield, fourth in line of the Tressel Pack of Allen, Kentucky, had taken a human to mate who eventually decides that pack life is not for her and leaves. Yet after the divorce she continues to call Linus every time she has a problem...


The Alpha's Heart - Wilde Creek, #2

Ackseal is the Alpha of his pack of wolves. After approving humans as mates for those in his pack he is not ready to admit that his mate maybe a human. Brynn has known Acksel since high school and they have always had a connection between t...

4 Stars