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Never Tomorrow

“Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher This quote rings true in the awesome, nail biting, mystery “Never Tomorrow”. This book is penned by the talente...

4 Stars

Time Tsunami - Time Counselor Chronicles, #1

“Time Tsunami” is an awesome book. The characters are wonderfully written and come to life. I give it two thumbs up. Lovers of science fiction romance should read this book. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. This is a good star...


The Baron's Blunder - Love Is Book 10

Susan M. Baganz weaves a lovely regency tale. Henrietta Allendale is a smart and independent woman. Readers get to witness her deal with Lord Charles Percy's rescue and perfidy. It was fun watching Lord Percy back pedal and have to explain...

4 Stars

Dumpster Dicing - Bunco Biddies Book 1

Julie B. Cosgrove delivers a modern day Miss Marple times three with this delightful new cozy mystery. Janie, Betsy Ann and Ethel are three determined ladies and watching them divide and conquer as they investigate in their retirement commu...


Greener Grasses

Julie B. Cosgrove’s Greener Grasses was some read. I loved how Cosgrove presents this story to the readers. I found this book to be an interesting read as Cosgrove gives us two families that must work together whether they want to or not. S...

5 Stars

Backwards Christmas

I asked, what did a 'backwards' Christmas mean? Well, in the South Pole, Alaska that is what they celebrate every single year. Brooke Williams gives the reader quite an interesting short story in Backwards Christmas that even have upside do...

5 Stars

Seasons of Love

Andrea Boeshaar gives the readers three well written interesting Christian short stories of real life. This is a three story anthology with the first being An Apple a Day How will a health food store owner Talia Fountain deal with Dr. Brian...


The Rancher Takes a Cook

When the Civil War ends, Anna Stewart and her younger brother have to start a new life. Everything they know is burned or gone. They decide to go to Texas to live with their aunt and uncle. They hope to make a new home for themselves and a...

5 Stars

Amanda Running Scared

Amanda Running Scared is a sweet, Christian based romance novel, with a strong Christian hero in Bruce Palmer. Amanda Vanderbilt, the heroine is a widowed mother of a small child on the run from an unknown stalker. This book was an okay rea...

3 Stars

Diamond Heiress

Please allow me to say this is a rare gem of a book (no pun intended). As a student and lover of the gemstone world, the title of this book alone caught my attention. The premise is what kept me hooked and drew me in. Author Ruth Roberts di...


Tender Triumph

In Tender Triumph Ms. Roberts wrote a pretty romance but not one that has any depth to the characters or plot. All the characters are stunningly good looking, but not enough of their personality is revealed to enable the reader to discover...

3 Stars