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Sarah's Special Angel

Sarah lives in an orphanage and she misses her parents. Her only friend is a mouse named Squeaker. While walking in the woods, Sarah notices a bright light. When she hears it speak, she recognizes her mama’s voice. Her mama appears as an an...

4 Stars

Litterbug - Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom

When Emily goes to sleep, she dreams that she is Queen Emily of the Enchanted Kingdom. Her teddy bear, Big Ted, is her royal servant. Big Ted rushes to tell Queen Emily that her kingdom is full of garbage. Nobody is cleaning up after themse...


Alfred, A Timber Wolf's Tale - The Friendly Petting Zoo

Alfred enjoys spending time with all of his animal friends. But he really misses the time he spent with the humans. He decides to ask his friends for advice on how to join the humans again without frightening them since he is a wolf. His me...


Sugarland - Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom

Sugarland by Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is a book about a young girl whose dreams take her into an enchanted kingdom where she magically becomes Queen of the land. In this particular story, Queen Emily gets a very valuable lesson in why it's not...